Venus Set— Assorted Braid & Loc Beads [151 pcs]


151 Pieces

Each set includes:
-25 goddess beads
-an assortment of various wood, acrylic & metal beads
-a wooden beader to apply beads
-video instructions for easy installation

Goddess beads can be opened & adjusted;
fits best on small - medium (pencil )size braids/locs/twists
Due to oxidation, the beads will fade over time.
Not suitable for children; careful around eyes.

A portion of all sales help create scholarship opportunities for young people to learn financial literacy and entrepreneurship through the art of hair braiding.

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The item does not match exact as advertised. I should’ve read how many beads I was getting because it is a small amount and a lot of money. I expected more the amount of money. I had to buy more beads online so I can have enough to fit my hair.

Very unique designs. Great packaging.

Thank you they are pretty

Love these beads. Variety of colors and textures added a lot of pop to my locs which are chin length. My locs are on the larger side, so some of the smaller beads didn't fit.

I absolutely loved my hair beads, and they came right in time-early afternoon before my hair appointment. The packaging was very nice from the wrapping to the container for the beads and they were packaged in separate bags in the container. I highly recommend that you purchase your hair beads here.